Jobraj Memorial Active School

Work Shop

Age Group : 2 to 10 Years.

Our day care centres become the bridge between the child’s early years at home and preschool , playschool, nursery or a Montessori school. They help children to adapt to a new place, learn new words and activities, and become familiar with a learning environment.

well-established daycare provides parents of young kids, a healthy happy environment where children may have the opportunity to explore and develop their unique individuality while helping to better prepare them for a happier adjustment into kindergarten.

At National Kids School, the daycare centres help children learn how to adapt to a new place, learn new vocabulary and activities and become familiar with a new learning environment. Our team make sure to establish a great relationship with the kids and make sure to provide the best daycare experience to both kids and parents.

We believe to provide a happy-loving environment where children get the opportunity to explore their ideas and develop unique individuality while helping them to prepare for a happier environment outside their home in the outer world.