Jobraj Memorial Active School



    (1). Teacher's for Nursery to Kindergarten  
  • 09 March, 2023       Address : RZ 74, Uttam Nagar, West Metro Station, New Delhi - 110059       Full Time

  • Job Description

    We are a small, growing group of nurseries and are looking for exceptional candidates. If you are looking for a career in nurseries and childcare where you can grow and make a difference, look no further. If you are exceptional and passionate about what you do, then get in touch with us.

    At National Kid's School, we focus on quality and education. To deliver this, our staff need to have:

    • Good relevant experience and qualifications
    • An understanding of child development and child developmental needs
    • good knowledge of early years educational practices
    • positive attitude.
    • Abundant energy
    • passion for working with children
    • desire to make a difference in working with children
    • An understanding of their responsibilities in ensuring child safety, security and well-being
    • A dedication to working hard
    • A desire to see the results of their work in the development of the children in their care
    • A desire to see the results of their work in the development of their careers
    • A desire to become part of a supportive, growing team that values its employees
    • Proficiency in Teacher Training Course.

    If you believe this list describes your experience and personality, please get in touch with us. We can provide you with a very different type of career in nurseries.

    We are open 4/5 centers every month across India. We regularly require Headmistress, Preschool Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Office Staff and helping staff. Please let us know the position you would like to apply for we are presently looking for are listed on this page. Please call +91-8585 99 4455 for more information or complete & return an application form.


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