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What Do’s & Dont’s for Child Development



Dine together and catch up on each other’s daily happenings.

Do not pressurize your kids to study constantly.

Get involved in the school activities related to your children.

Never tell your child to mock their teachers or anyone connected to them.

Resist on doing those tasks for your kids which they can do by themselves.

Never fight in front of your kids. This will make them feel disconnected to their parents as a family.

Let your child figure out the right way of doing things themselves rather than teaching them everything to be done.

Do not impose your wishes and wills on your child. Let them feel free to do whatever they wish to.

Encourage discussions on sensitive topics such as “good touch, bad touch” with your kids to remove the hesitation of sharing things openly.

Do not compare your kids with others. This makes them feel demotivated at a point in time.

Let your child make choices and quote opinions of their own.

Never give up to all of their demands and stubbornness. Demands that seem fine and valid can be fulfilled.

Appreciate your child in small things that they do. This makes them feel motivated and help them perform better.

Do not ignore the misbehaving signs in your child. Always keep a proper check on his/her behavior with everyone.

Let your children know how much you love them and care for them. Bid them a “Love You Goodbye “each time they leave your company.

Do not discuss or crib over household problems in front of your kids. What is heard is what is grabbed and kept in mind.